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AardvarkThe Aardvark introduces a vast quantity of live, safe bacteria into your drain system on a daily basis. The Aardvark is 85 times more powerful than our nearest competitor.

The Aardvark bacteria digest the FOG, foodstuff and other organic waste that causes blockages in your drain lines, grease traps and waste water system.


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Bags on BoardEven the cutest pets can leave some not-so-cute messes, and we know that cleaning up after them is not very high on your list of fun activities. That's why we created Bags on Board®. We provide compact, refillable dispensers that attach to any type of leash and contain a roll of pick-up bags designed to easily dispose your pet's poop. Our products are convenient, easy to use and always close at hand.


BioampBioAmpTM is a revolutionary new system for the treatment of wastewater and is now available in all countries across Europe. BioAmp is an environmentally friendly system that solves a range of wastewater problems and at the same time brings considerable cost savings.

BioAmp is a compact, computer controlled microbial fermentation unit that is installed on site and delivers a large amount of active, naturally occurring safe bacteria directly into the drains. The bacteria then goes to work on the wastewater, reducing; grease, fats and oil build-up, as well as eliminating odours. It is ideal for use on grease traps, septic tanks and sewage treatments at far less cost than other bacteria based systems.



The Cryotool® line has been proven to dramatically outperform non-cryo-treated cutting tools. Partsmaster's patented, computer-controlled Cryophase process permeates the tool and realigns the molecular structure. This creates tools that cut longer, have greater torsion strength and greater flexibility. Cryotool cutting tools include a wide variety of drill bits, saw blades, taps & dies, and other tools needed by maintenance and repair organizations of all sizes.



Dyna SystemsDyna Systems® extensive fastener line includes our exclusive Made in America premium bolt, general Grade 8 and Grade 5 bolts, stainless steel, and metric. Our Parts and Hardware systems provide on site, user-friendly storage for everything needed to maintain or repair equipment or fixtures.


The HandiChem™ Solid System is an innovative water treatment solution for cooling towers, closed systems, and steam boilers that provides results of high-performance liquid treatment programs, but is easier to use and is more environmentally responsible.



K Kube is an advanced and comprehensive fuel quality program offered by our Kernite division. The K Kube program improves fuel quality therefore improving engine performance while decreasing fuel consumption. Furthermore, it automatically dispenses the fuel additive with the correct amount at the correct time, and your fuel quality is continuously monitored to ensure optimal performance and results.


LubemasterLubemaster construction products are developed to provide superior equipment protection against the harsh environment of dirt, dust, mud, water, heavy loads and heat. We save our customers downtime, labor cost, parts replacement and money.


Mega Metal® Systems are polymer matrix compounds designed to extend the service life of equipment used in today’s industries, such as pumps, chutes, feeders and belts. These special coatings incorporate state-of-the-art polymer technology, utilizing ceramics and other materials that increase performance in the toughest applications. Mega Metal compounds are designed for maintenance applications where heat, wear, corrosion and chemical resistance is needed.



Simple SolutionsIn 1978, the Bramton Company began providing a high-quality line of pet care products. Our Simple Solution® line is a must-have for any pet parent because we are a trusted brand that will deliver exceptional, superior-performing products. In addition, our super-absorbent Eco Care™ Training Pads are expected to save 400 tons of annual waste, since 85% of the pad is made from recycled fiber. As always, we stand behind every product we sell, so if you are not completely satisfied, you can return your purchase for a full refund... on us, of course


TorrentThe Torrent parts washing system is designed to clean machine parts, easily, safely, and with low impact on water resources and the environment.

The revolutionary parts washer solves the problems of traditional parts washing systems while providing a safer user experience, according to the company. Unlike traditional parts washers, the Torrent combines heat, chemistry, and high pressure to clean machine parts of greases and oils.

The Torrent is a fully-integrated and enclosed unit that protects employees from direct contact with the cleaning solution. Traditional parts washers are known to expose users to harmful hydrocarbons, noxious fumes, and fire hazards. With the Torrent water-based solution, employers are able to diminish medical claims, provide safer work environments, and avoid financial and environmental burdens of using and disposing of solvents.


Trust-XTrust-X represents high productivity abrasives that help improve the efficiency of your working environment. Whether in grinding, cutting, blending, buffing, or polishing, we provide performance-based solutions for all your metal removal and surface finishing needs.


Vets BestA PET'S OVERALL HEALTH IS REFLECTED IN THE HEALTH OF THE SKIN. Dogs and cats have much more sensitive skin than humans. And Dr. Thomas knew that skin health was key to overall health. That's why she began her practice focusing on dermatology. She believed effective skin health support called for developing the right combination of natural ingredients.

Dry, flaky, itchy, raw skin conditions often go more than skin deep. Some causes? Diet deficiencies, allergies, metabolic problems, exposure to fleas, and dry or hot environments. Dr. Thomas worked to create formulas that would maintain normal healthy skin and organ functions – with great success. And it led to the Vet's Best line – built on the notion that health is nurtured from the inside out, and from the outside in.



X-Ergon alloys are designed with the maintenance welder in mind. The special Chem-a-tized2™ flux coatings provide superior operability and improved properties in the weld deposit, making X-Ergon alloys "The Welder's Choice" of welding electrodes. Special application electrodes like X-tractalloysave time and labor by removing even the toughest frozen bolts and studs. X-Ergon has welding products for every process used in maintenance welding, including stick, Mig, Tig, flux core, brazing and soldering.