Our products make repair and maintenance easier

NCH sells to industrial, commercial and institutional customers. We focus on product areas including industrial cleaning and maintenance, water treatment and remediation, plumbing, pet care, and specialty industrial supplies. Please visit our Product ingredient disclosure information page to access cleaning product ingredient Information.



Superior solutions help keep a company's facilities and equipment running in optimum condition at reduced costs. Our associates solve customers' maintenance problems through a wide range of products and services, from advanced drain and HVAC maintenance to specialty lubrication, industrial cleaning, and oil field chemicals.



Since our inception, NCH has provided quality full-service water treatment to our customers. We deliver environmentally responsible and economically profitable solutions that help keep boiler, cooling, process, and waste water systems running at peak efficiency. Our unique combination of knowledge and experience in water treatment enables us to supply high-quality products and exceptional service world wide.



The plumbing business manufactures and distributes thousands of parts and products for repair, replacement, remodeling and new construction. Our products are easy to identify with product finders that help match the right product to the required plumbing fixture. NCH's products are distributed nationally through home centers and hardware stores.