Global EHS Policies


Global Environmental Health & Safety Policies

NCH Corporation (NCH), a premier manufacturer and supplier of industrial maintenance and repair products and services, conducts all business activities with integrity in a responsible manner, with the aspiration of safeguarding and protecting human health and the environment. To this end, it is NCH's goal to:

  •  Meet or exceed all relevant environmental, health, and safety (EHS) laws and regulations and apply responsible standards where laws and regulations do not exist;
  • Hold managers responsible and accountable for operating a safe workplace that creates a minimum burden upon the environment;
  • Strive for continuous improvement of the EHS program by:
    • Partnering with various parties to identify, adopt and promote best practices for EHS;
    • Promoting EHS performance through education, information, awereness and training to those actively engaged in NCH business activities;
    • Communicating EHS objectives to suppliers, encouraging them to improve their EHS performance;
    • Applying risk management and pollution prevention principles to our activities, products and service;
  • Develop and maintain EHS management systems that add value to business objectives
  • Maintain a review process that includes EHS performance targets, progress measurement, continual improvement and communication with relevant interested parties.