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NCH Corporation is a major international marketer of maintenance products, and one of the largest companies in the world to sell such products through direct marketing. NCH's products include specialty chemicals, fasteners, welding supplies, pet products, and plumbing parts. These products are sold through a number of wholly owned subsidiaries, many of which are engaged in the maintenance products business. Subsidiary companies in NCH's Chemical Specialties division produce a diverse array of maintenance chemicals that includes cleaners, degreasers, lubricants, grounds care, housekeeping, and water treatment products. Companies in the Partsmaster group offer a wide variety of items for maintenance and repair, including welding supplies and fasteners. The Plumbing Products Group provides plumbing supplies for the do-it-yourself retail consumer and the OEM market. The Retail Products Group markets a wide range of pet supplies. Other subsidiary groups under the NCH umbrella include X-Chem, an oil field services division, and Pure Solve, a partswashing service business. NCH has over 8,500 employees. Its branch offices and manufacturing plants are located on six continents, and its products are sold in over 50 different countries.

National Disinfectant Company, the original incarnation of NCH Corporation, was founded in Dallas, Texas, by Milton P. Levy, Senior in 1919. Leadership of the company has remained in the hands of the Levy family to this day. National Disinfectant's original line of products was fairly small; it included a coal tar disinfectant, an insecticide, and liquid hand soap for institutional use. The company was a small, efficient operation, and orders received in the morning would be delivered in the afternoon of the same day. During the next couple of decades the company's offerings grew. One brand that appeared in the late 1930s was Everbrite, a heavy-duty industrial floor wax. Everbrite has continued to exist in varying forms since then, eventually evolving into a strong multi-purpose cleaner that kills bacteria.

The company became public in 1965 and began trading shares on the NYSE in 1969. In 2002 the Levy Family committed to ensuring the long term stability of NCH by purchasing 100% of the public shares. This ended the company's 37 year history as a publicly traded company.

NCH Corporation's major strengths are the diversity and quality of its products, along with the well-planned organization of its huge army of direct sales representatives. The company has a history of choosing its acquisitions carefully, and of investing wisely in its manufacturing and research facilities, a crucial commitment given the competition NCH faces in the industrial supply business from larger corporations. NCH continues to expand its global presence with employees and operations in more than 50 countries. 

NCH continues to thrive despite several of the toughest years for industry in recent history.The company's continuing outlook for growth in the global market remains strong.




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